Dosage Charts for Over-the-Counter Meds

Acetaminophen           (Tylenol) Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl have been recalled. Please visit NOTE: New Concentration for Infants. In accordance with FDA recommendations, acetaminophen manufacturers have changed the concentration of infant acetaminophen from 80mg/0.8ml to 160mg/5ml. Be aware that there may be both the old and new concentrations of infants’ acetaminophen products available in stores… Continue Reading

Sunscreen: Essential Summer Item For Your Kids

One of the great things about living in Jacksonville is the proximity to the water and sunshine. As the summer months draw closer, families want to spend more time outdoors. But parents should take steps to protect their children’s delicate skin from the sun’s rays by wearing protective clothing and putting on sunscreen. Here are… Continue Reading

How Much Screen Time Is Too Much for Kids?

With technology infiltrating every aspect of modern life, many parents wonder how much screen time is safe for their kids. While avoiding televisions, tablets, computers and smartphones until they enter school won’t harm young children, research indicates that they can still benefit from the right amount of screen time. The former rule set by the… Continue Reading

Employee of the Quarter ~ Carlos Tandron

Carlos is not only outstanding in customer service when dealing with our patients but he is a true team player. He has worked at all three locations, all possible shifts, including overnights and weekends, and is always willing to help anywhere the managers need him. He has a fun personality and motivates others to stay… Continue Reading

When Your Child is Sick, School or Doctor?

When Your Child is Sick, School or Doctor?

Some mornings, it’s tough to make the decision about your child. Maybe he’s been sick overnight with coughing and fever, but seems fine in the morning. Or maybe your daughter wakes up with a strange rash and seems sluggish. In both cases, you know your child best and have a “sixth sense” about what to… Continue Reading

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