24/7 Pediatric Care Centers Introduces Futuristic Telemedicine Service

24/7 Pediatric Care Centers is excited to announce the addition of telemedicine to our overnight services. We were the first pediatric office in the country to offer 24-hour access for our private patients, and now we’re pushing the envelope again by offering the “medicine of the future.” This Jetsons-type technology will allow our medical providers to thoroughly examine our patients at any time, from any place, at absolutely no additional cost to our patients.

With the 24/7 Kid Doc’s Connect-a-Doc Kit™, we are now able to offer real-time, HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing between providers and patients. The provider can use a video otoscope and high-definition camera to diagnose ear infections and rashes, two common pediatric ailments impossible to diagnose over the phone.

The technology itself seems like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but we’ve made it available now. Essentially, a compatible otoscope device is used to take clear and precise live video of the ear. This footage is then transmitted in real time to a provider, allowing him or her to examine the ear for signs of infection or other damage. The same principle applies to rashes anywhere on the body.

By seeing the symptoms in high resolution, the physician can make an accurate diagnosis and recommend treatment and medication as necessary, all without requiring patients to wait hours or even days for an in-person appointment with the same results as necessary.

Dr. Norberto Benitez, 24/7 Pediatric Care Centers founder, says, “With 35 years in the pediatric business, I am surprised at how much I am able to accomplish using telemedicine. I would say upwards of 70% of what we can do in an office visit we can do with telemedicine.”

24/7 Pediatric Care Centers has always been an innovator in pediatrics, and we are committed to continuing this legacy by improving existing services and adding new ones to our wide array of offerings. Telemedicine will bring a level of convenience to our patients that was technologically impossible just a few years ago. This service is provided at no additional charge to our patients and is just one example of the outstanding quality and technologically advanced services we deliver.

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