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Keep Kids Safe on the Playground

If you’re planning to visit a play park or playground this summer, we have some tips about playground safety. Although playgrounds are an excellent setting for exercise and fun, we at 24/7 Pediatric Care Centers know that more than 200,000 children are treated in the emergency room for playground-related injuries each year. Generally speaking, if your children’s playground has a safe (soft and thick) surface, with equipment in good condition and moving equipment like swings and seesaws positioned away from static equipment, the odds are better that they will have a safe, enjoyable experience!

Age-appropriate Activities

  • Younger children should be supervised by an adult on the playground at all times.
  • Ensure children only climb and play on equipment appropriate to their age. Children younger than five may not have the upper-body strength to climb equipment built for older children. Limit preschoolers to climbing up only five feet and school-age children to seven feet.

Swings and Slides

  • Teach children to swing sitting down, not standing and not more than one child to a swing at a time.
  • Supervise young children and remind all children to stay well clear of active swings.
  • Instruct children that going down a slide should only be done feet first, not head first.
  • Monitor slides so only one child is on the platform at a time and is able to clear the bottom before another child begins to slide.

Spray Parks

  • Read park rules to children before they enter, and help to enforce them.
  • Have children wear water shoes with non-skid soles to avoid slips and falls.
  • Remind children not to swallow or inhale water from the jets.

General Behavior

  • Discourage children from rough housing with or pushing other children.
  • Encourage children to park their bikes and backpacks away from the equipment.
  • Ensure children are not wearing necklaces, purses, or clothes with drawstrings or cords to prevent choking injuries.

Unsafe Equipment

The well-respected Nemours Foundation states on its website that the following types of equipment are not safe for playgrounds:

  • Animal figure swings
  • Glider swings for two children
  • Swinging ropes
  • Exercise rings and trapeze bars
  • Monkey bars
  • Trampolines

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