Children’s Healthcare: Three Reasons Why You Should Choose a Pediatrician Over a Family Doctor

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An important part of keeping your kids healthy and safe is making sure they have access to the best medical care possible. Most new parents wonder if they should seek out a family doctor or a pediatrician for their children. While there are pros and cons of both family doctors and pediatricians, the optimal situation for your child is to find the best pediatrician in Jacksonville, FL.

What makes the best pediatrician in Jacksonville, FL a good choice for your child’s health? Here are the top 3 reasons why you should choose a pediatrician over a family doctor:

1) Specialized in Children’s Health

Pediatricians have extra training in children’s health. Children’s health is not just a smaller version of adult health. Children’s bodies function much differently than adult bodies do through the many stages of growth and maturity. Pediatricians are also more familiar with special needs children, premature babies, and childhood illnesses. The best pediatricians in Jacksonville, FL are trained beyond their base general medical degree. These doctors also continue their medical training throughout their careers in order to stay up to date in their field.

Not only are pediatricians specialized, but so, too, are their staff. From nurses to office staff, the health care workers and administrators who work at pediatricians’ offices are used to working with children and their parents. It takes a special type of person to make kids and their parents feel at ease when visiting the doctor. When you find the best pediatrician in Jacksonville, FL, you also find the best support staff and nurses.

2) Good Communicators

Good pediatricians have a knack for communicating with children and their parents. They are able to understand children’s non-verbal cues and speak in a way children will understand. At the same time, they are able to communicate with parents without raising unnecessary alarm in regard to their child’s health. The best pediatrician in Jacksonville, FL has a special gift for communication, both with their little patients and with their patient’s caregivers.

3) Child-Friendly Atmosphere

When you enter a pediatrician’s waiting room, it looks much different than that of a family doctor. A pediatrician’s waiting room and exam rooms are decorated and organized to appeal to their young patients. Pediatricians take a lot of care in making sure that their offices are accessible and appealing to children. There should be chairs and tables in a variety of heights to accommodate the different heights of their patients. For new parents, pediatricians’ offices should be stroller-friendly and should offer some conveniences, like handy changing tables. The best pediatrician in Jacksonville, FL knows if their office is inviting to children and convenient for parents, everyone will feel less stress and worry about visiting the doctor.

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