Dr. B’s remedy for a constipated tummy

Ever wonder how you could help your baby with constipation?

Try a bit of the good old-fashioned corn syrup to help relieve constipation for young tummies….but please do so in moderation!

Use 1 tablespoon of Karo syrup with 4 oz of water daily but for no more than 3 days. You can start this as early as 8 weeks old. This will help regulate your baby’s digestive tract.

Other easy at home exercises to relieve your constipated baby:

1.) Tummy Massage: Softly rub and massage baby’s tummy in a clockwise direction. Position your hands at baby’s naval and move in a clockwise motion, move out and away from the center of the belly.

2.) Warm Bath: Giving a warm bath will help your baby to relax and will also move things along. After taking the baby out of the warm bath – massage the belly.

3.) Bicycle legs: This is a common thing all parents do, but it can actually be doing lots of good to your child. Not only is this good for constipation but it also helps with gassy babies. Remember, do this gently and not too fast.

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