Dr. Benitez Haiti Update #6

I was waiting to write this update, in the hopes that I could name it “Last Update” but that doesn’t seem to be happening so I thought I would shoot one out. Last night Norberto called to say the Haitian doctors showed up to help with the crowd. The American docs went into the hospital to seperate themselves from the triage and were sent all the patients that the Haitians thought needed seeing. Norberto said they saw all of them ~ over 200 cases! They were packing up, just a backpack each, and going to bed early in preparation for the trip this morning. He did say, even with all the meds and equipment they used they still left the hospital very stocked, “enough to last at least a couple of weeks.” So they were glad for that.

Then at 10:45p last night I got a call from the Andre Carsen, the Congressman from Indiana (some of the other docs Norberto is with are from Indianapolis). He said they were involved and very concerned and going to work at getting them out. He wanted me to keep in touch with any information I get today through his chief of staff.

So … at 7a this morning I text Norberto “where are you” he said still heading to the airport. Later he told me the driving is very difficult. The roads are cracked and potted and the closer you get to
the capital there are people sleeping and living and walking everywhere. He said at the most they got to 30 mph, most of the time they were only going 10.

At 8:15, Norberto calls me, a bit frantic, asking me for the “tail number of the plane the congressman sent.” He said they got a message that there was a private plane coming for them that was supposed to leave Haiti at 9am but they couldn’t find it. I called DC and got the tail number and the info that it was “at the east end of the terminal.” Well, long story short, the plane never left Florida and isn’t coming ~ this we just found out at 11:45. I spoke with the Congressman’s office and they are now speaking to the Air Force to see if they can get something down there to them. When I spoke to Norberto I asked him if the airport was chaos, he said “absolutely not, the American military are running it and it is organized and clean.” (gotta love our boys!). He sounds a bit edgy and anyone who knows Norberto knows he doesn’t do well just sitting around waiting. I’m hoping he stays put and doesn’t try to head to the Dominican just out of a need to be moving!

Hopefully, my next post will be the last!


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