Dr. Benitez Haiti Update #7

What a day … how do women send their husbands and sons off to war, for months and years … I don’t know how they do it.

OK, they booked a small plane that flew them to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, arriving at 4p, YEA! For those that don’t know, Norberto and his son both went to medical school there so it’s almost a home away from home. They are having a hard time getting a flight home. They still haven’t left the airport trying to find someone that will book a flight for them to leave sometime tomorrow but all the airline desks are closed for the night. They are working with management to see if they can get something done tonight. In the meantime, they still haven’t eaten (the Haitian airport had bottled water but no food) and their day started at 4a this morning so frustrations are running high. Norberto was very upset that the Haitian government tried to make them pay an “airport tax” of $30 a piece before they could leave Port au Prince. They eventually had one of the Americans tell the Haitians that that wasn’t going to happen and it was “waived”. He said the airport reminded him of something out a movie about Vietnam, military guys with guns, planes and helicopters coming in and out, cargo everywhere. Hopefully, we can get some of the pictures emailed when he comes back. I will let everyone know when they have reached the states, in the meantime he is at least out of Haiti and that was the biggest challenge. Thanks for all the prayers! There were so many people that were working to get them all home, from Richard Quinn (our good friend that works with Homeland Security here at the port) to the Indiana Congressman, I even got a call from the “Commander of slot positions” from the Dept. of Defense … it makes you proud to be an American,


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