Dr. Benitez Haiti Update #5

Norberto called this morning … which scared me a little because he usually only calls at night. He said that evidently one of the local politicians sent out the word that there were American doctors at the hospital offering free medical care and when they arrived at the hospital this morning there were over 2000 people waiting for them! He said a lot of them are things like, 3 month old scabies cases or a kid that says “my belly hurts” and triage has become a big problem. Every 6th person or so is a serious case but getting to those people has been difficult. They were trying to get some of the local Haitian doctors to help with triage because as they (the American doctors) tell the non-critical cases they won’t be seen they are becoming upset. He said at this point they are basically only working on crowd control.

The plan is for them to leave early in the morning to be in Port au Prince first thing and hope to hop a plane, any plane to the States, anywhere in the States. If that fails they will have the driver take them into the Domincan Republic, sleep over night in the capital and try to get a Jet Blue flight out of there Wed. evening. He says they are not telling anyone they are going because they don’t want to incite the crowd anymore than necessary.

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