Five Questions to Ask When Selecting A Pediatrician

pediatrician near to me

As a parent, the decisions you make regarding your child’s health are very important. Ensuring that you have a pediatrician who you like and trust is key. The pediatrician is the doctor who will very likely be responsible for your child’s care for years to come. How can you choose the right pediatrician and pediatric care center? Here are five essential questions to ask when you are searching for and selecting a pediatrician near to me.

Is the pediatrician near to me?

Choosing a pediatrician whose office is conveniently located is very desirable. This is certainly true if this is your first baby, or if you are looking for a doctor for your newborn. Babies see their pediatricians a lot during their first year of life. Further, should any emergency situations come up, you are going to want your pediatrician to be close by. Search for “pediatrician near to me” and find a doctor who can see your baby until they graduate from high school.

Is the pediatrician recommended?

When you are trying to select a pediatric care center, an easy way is to ask those around you for recommendations. Those who have found that great “pediatrician near to me” will want to share with others. Ask friends, family, and check with your other doctors. Let people know what you are looking for and they will be happy to help.

What are the credentials of the pediatrician near to me?

Having a great pediatrician in your area is a gift! Just ensure when you are interviewing to find the best pediatrician near to me, that you check out all the credentials. Where are their licenses from? From which medical school did they graduate, and where did they do their residency? Are they board certified? Figure out what is most important to you other than location and be sure to research which pediatricians have those qualifications.

How do they operate?

Now that you have gone to the trouble of finding a great pediatrician who is conveniently located, well credentialed, and recommended, it is also necessary to be sure that they are affordable, that they have convenient scheduling, and that they are available in an emergency. Can you see your pediatrician near to me after hours? Can you make a last-minute appointment?

Did you feel good about your first visit?

After you have entered “pediatrician near to me” into an online search, asked for recommendations, and found one that you would like to get to know better, the next step is to visit the clinic and see if you are comfortable with this doctor. Do you like the way the pediatric care center interacts with you? Are the staff friendly to children? If there is a problem, can you trust this pediatrician? Your instincts will tell you if this is the right place for your family.

Looking for a “pediatrician near to me” to care for your child from birth to the age of 18 is one of the most important searches you will ever do. Your pediatrician is someone who is there for you and your child throughout whatever may come. At 24/7 Pediatric Care Centers, we have three convenient locations in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach and Fleming Island to serve you, all staffed with the best pediatricians in Jacksonville.

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