A fracture of a bone is when the bone breaks or partially breaks. This is not an illness but it’s common in children from accidents or an injury from a sports event so we wanted to ensure fractures were included.

Does my child have a fracture or broken bone?

Symptoms of fractures include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Obvious deformity of the bone
  • Trouble using or moving the bone in a normal way
  • Warmth, bruising, or redness

On the one hand, your child may come home from practicing limping and complaining. Yet, if the symptoms seem severe right away, you may need an urgent care facility to look at the injury.

The doctor will likely do some diagnostic testing to look at the injury. Most commonly, this will include an x-ray. For more severe injuries, the doctor might also ask for an MRI or a CT scan to get a better look. 

Treating the fracture will depend on the severity. Often treatments include a splint or cast and directives to not use the injured bone so it can heal. In more severe cases, your doctor might send you to a specialist to see if the injury requires surgery to aid in healing.

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