Pink Eye

Pink eye, which is also called conjunctivitis, is a highly contagious disease and can easily spread from person to person, for kids and adults. 

Pink eye occurs when there is inflammation in the tissue lining the eyes. It is often from a bacteria source. 

Does my child have pink eye/conjunctivitis?

If your child has conjunctivitis (commonly called “pink eye”), the eye will become very red (pink) especially around the edges of the eye. It can also present with a yellowish discharge, blurry vision, and crusty eyes. The same symptoms can be present with a viral infection. 

How can pink eye be treated?

If the eye is infected from bacteria, it can be treated with antibacterial drops. If your child has pink eye, they should get the antibacterial drops for 24 hours before returning to school because this is so contagious. 

Is pink eye contagious?

Yes, pink eye is highly contagious, so it’s also important to practice good hand washing if you are around pink eye. People often touch their eyes with their hands causing it to spread. 

If your child has pink eye, it’s important to not share towels since it can also be spread this way.

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