Stitches for Cuts

In the normal course of being a kid, they are bound to get some scrapes, scratches, and even cuts. Kids play hard, they run, ride bikes, and jump around on playground equipment. They also fall down which is when cuts and scrapes happen.

In many cases, you can treat an open wound at home. Clean the wound, apply some type of antiseptic, then bandage it up.

Does my child need stitches?
If the wound:

  • Is still bleeding after you apply pressure for 5 minutes
  • Is gaping or wide
  • Is on your child’s face, lips, or neck
  • Has glass or other debris in it
  • Has an object sticking out of it, such as a twig
  • Spurts blood

If your child has these symptoms and the cut seems more severe, you should seek medical attention for potential stitches. 

Stitches will require some care and monitoring to make sure they also don’t get infected. Ensure your doctor answers all your questions about caring for stitches such as if they are dissolvable or need to be removed, when can they get wet, when can your child resume normal activity, etc.

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