Maintaining Healthy Diets for Kids During COVID-19

The pandemic has changed our daily lives and the way we do things. While kids are safe at home with virtual learning, they are spending more screen time for school and less time outside burning off energy. Without school sports or recess it means less exercise. It’s no wonder we are seeing more issues with kids gaining weight.

Making healthy choices when it comes to snacking has never been more important for our kids since they’re missing out on their normal school routine. Obesity in children greatly raises the odds that those children will experience more negative symptoms of COVID-19. COVID-19 can affect children’s breathing, immune system, metabolism and cause inflammation.

It’s important to make sure that children are eating healthy foods, staying active and maintaining a regular bedtime to avoid unnecessary health risks. 

The best way to ensure that your kids stay healthy is leading by example. Expose kids to a variety of healthy foods and some foods they may not have seen before and make sure that the whole family is eating nutritiously so they see it modeled for them. Parents can also support healthy eating habits by creating a schedule for meals and snacks, and keeping healthy food in your home.

How your pediatrician can help.

If you are worried about your child’s weight gain, schedule an appointment to see one of our providers. We can provide:

  • Screening for obesity-related health issues
  • Help managing stress
  • A personalized plan to manage obesity.

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