School Days – What’s for Breakfast?

kid making breakfastAt 24/7 Pediatric Care Centers, we agree with nutrition experts who report definite benefits for children who eat breakfast. Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast have better test scores, better attention span and memory, body weight in a healthier range and better overall general health.

While we understand that the morning routine can be hectic on school days, we’ve also learned that with some advance scheduling and planning most families can fit in breakfast for their schoolchildren.

Enforce Reasonable Bedtimes

Children who are rested are more likely to wake up earlier in the morning with time to eat breakfast. Bedtimes should be timed so your children receive all the rest they need before awaking in the morning. Each child has different sleep requirements, but starting with toddlers, they should have 10-12 hours of sleep a night. Older children may need less sleep, but most schoolchildren should have a minimum of 8-10 hours.

Rely on Ready-to-Eat Foods

If your family is consistently pressed for time at breakfast, rely on already prepared but nutritious foods. Boiled eggs, cut-up fruit, bagels with healthy spreads, cold cereal, milk, yogurt, and whole grain muffins are examples.

If you enjoy being more creative in the kitchen, research recipe sites online for make-ahead breakfast solutions. Click on this link for some examples:,,20725555,00.html

Seek Out Alternatives

You may find that your child’s school or day care already offers breakfast options that your child might enjoy. These may help to make especially hectic mornings easier to manage. Talk with your children to find out ways they’d like to receive their morning meal.

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