Talk With Your Pediatrician About Your Child’s Allergies


Allergies are a common occurrence among children. Ask any allergy doctor in the Jacksonville area, and he or she will tell you there’s no shortage of allergens – materials that cause itchiness, runny noses, sneezing, skin rashes, wheezing – in the local air, water, food and other sources.

Is it an Allergy? How to Get Started

Because allergies are so prevalent, it’s a good idea to work closely with your pediatrician as soon as you suspect allergies are a problem. The first step is to have your child take an environmental and food panel blood test to determine if an allergy or another illness is the cause of symptoms.

Narrowing down the many possible sources of allergies is the key to starting on an effective treatment plan. In the past, people tended to guess about which foods or inhalants were causing symptoms, and incorrect guesses meant treatment delays or failures. Today there are scientific methods available through your pediatrician to get to the source of the problem quickly and accurately.

Prevention and Treatment

Your pediatrician will work with you to suggest ways you can make your environment inside and outside the home more allergen-free. In the case of allergies to weeds or tree pollen, for example, it might be advisable to clear your yard of the worst offenders. Dust and dust mite allergies may be partially controlled by encasing bed mattresses and pillows in plastic covers and removing stuffed toys from the bedroom. If your child is shown to have more severe allergies such as to nuts or eggs, for example, you will be referred to a pediatric allergist familiar with avoiding exposure and handling serious reactions.

Your pediatrician will have lots of advice for you about managing your child’s allergies. Medications may be prescribed to keep symptoms under control after your pediatrician has discussed with you the risks and benefits.

Round-the-Clock Care is a Plus!

Regardless of the source, allergic symptoms can emerge at any time despite the best-laid plans. At 24/7Pediatric Care Centers, we have providers available around the clock, including nights and weekends. Health professionals are always on hand to take your call or have you come in for a visit.

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