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When your child is sick, your attention is focused on helping him or her feel better — as it should be! But while you’re soothing and hugging and making chicken soup, it’s also important to take a minute to write down information that will help us help you.

Our children’s doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach can serve you better if you arrive at your appointment with details about your child’s illness and questions about things that concern you.

For a sick child visit, it helps us if you have written down when you started seeing symptoms, what the symptoms are, and how they have progressed. Memory can be unreliable, so keep a running list of the information and bring it with you to the office.

Also write down a list of questions you might have about your child’s condition and how you can help speed his or her recovery. Have you ever said to yourself, “Oh, I need to remember to ask the doctor about…” but then forgot when you got the office? You’re not alone. The best solution is to put your concerns on paper.

Writing down your questions as they occur to you is just as important for well visits to our pediatric doctors and nurses. Because of the time between visits, a question that comes to mind a month or two before your scheduled appointment could be long gone by the time you come in.

Whether you’re seeing us for a well visit or because of an illness, every symptom and question is important, so don’t take chances by relying on memory alone.


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